For institutions and their staff (local authorities, schools, universities and other training organisations, social and health institutions, organisations of / for people with disabilities, employment agencies, etc.) we can be helpful with:
• Consultation on Accessibility issues (environmental and behavioural);
• Disability awareness;
• Web resources and teaching strategies in an integrated environment;
• Training of trainers, career counsellors and HR specialists based on „VISAGE“ methodology
• Modules and self-study programmes in social work;
• Psychological tools for professionals working with children and young people from vulnerable groups;
• Provision of trainings for working with / teaching children and adults with disabilities: university professors, teachers, resource tutors, kindergartens and other municipal officials, Tourism organisations;
• Development, management, coordination and external evaluation of national and international projects and initiatives;
• Study and research to identify and analyse the needs of the target groups;
• Expertise in the areas of budget planning and financial reporting in terms of European and national programmes;
• Organisation of seminars and conferences in Bulgaria and abroad;

• Simultaneous and consecutive translation during meetings and events;